Tuesday, 23 February 2016

My Fairytale Fit with Ted&Muffy.

Hey Monkey!

I have to tell you, my feet never felt more fabulous than they did this week. I had the most beautiful package come to the door and I cannot explain to you the beauty I was about to behold!

Ted&Muffy, if you haven't heard of them before are the most fabulous boutique boot designers based in the UK. They strive for the "Fairytale Fit" they are so well known for so your new shoes will be nothing less than perfect! They have a huge array of calf and width fittings so you can settle for nothing less than perfection!

Their shoes are the stuff of dreams, with amazingly vivid colours, varied fabrics and beautiful embellishments they will pull any outfit together and add a sparkle on top of the ordinary. They have types to fit all styles from tom boy to Hollywood glam and from cute to hardcore you will find something that will make your heart sing for sure!

I was lucky enough to be sent a pair of "Peacock" sandals. They are a beautiful forest green suede, with edgy fringe detailing, a subtle gold buckle and a badass stacked heel. They are literally perfect for a casual spring day and can we worn right into the wine bar evenings.

The care and detail that went into these shoes are just enormous. The finish is of such a high quality and with a leather lining, I know they will last. They look stunning on, and off! I've had them opposite my bed, looking at me for the last week. Well you've got to have something to wake up for right?

Jump over to their website and tell me what you think of their range, you never know, you might just begin your own fairytale!

So what are you waiting for, your fairy godmother is already there! Ted&Muffy


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