Tuesday, 16 February 2016

OGX Hair Care Review

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If you haven't heard of OGX before you are in for a treat! You have probably seen it while perusing the aisles of Superdrug but maybe it didn't catch your eye. Well today I am going to tell you about it because, well, it's become a bit of a love affair actually.

OGX is a highstreet brand but it is slightly pricier than your Garnier and Pantene although trust me it's well worth the price. It's as simple as a shampoo and conditioner but they have really done wonders for my hair. I am currently using the Brazilian Keratin Therapy, it smells incredible. The wonder ingredients include coconut oils, keratin proteins, avocado oils and cocoa butter.

 Now my hair is really damaged from bleaching but OGX has been a saving grace, when i'm out of the bath my hair brushes through really well and still feels soft when dried. When, at this point it should feel like a birds nest with 3 chicks nesting in it with the amount of bleaching I've done recently.

A true tell of a high quality conditioner to me is the thickness, you could mistake this for a hair masque it's so thick. What with the combination of smell and texture of OGX it's actually a pleasure to wash my hair for once. The product also lasts a really long time as a little goes a long way, I have very thick quite long hair so I imagine if your hair is short it will last you forever.

I also invested in the Awaphui Ginger Rapid Recovery Mask and Anti-Breakage Keratin oil. Literally the mask smells just like a salon product, I had just bleached my hair a few days before so decided to leave it in overnight. The consistency was silky not sticky and when it came to washing it out, it was a breeze. I have tried so many hair masks that are a nightmare to wash out the next day and leave your hair feeling heavy but not this one. I washed it out and when my hair was dry it felt really light and super super soft. The ends of my hair felt really nicely conditioned. I love it.

The oil is now also a permanent fixture in my hair routine, I use it whenever I blow dry my hair. I tend to spray it on towel dried hair but I have been known to use it for flyaways and to put a spritz on the ends when they're looking dry. The oil is in a really light mist so you'd have to be seriously trigger happy for it to look greasy and the smell it leaves in your hair literally lasts all day. I would use it just for the fragrance!!

I usually buy all my OGX stuff from Superdrug as they seem to be the cheapest seller and they often have good offers on, I'll link it here!

I hope you enjoyed this post, have you used OGX before? What's your favourite product?


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