Tuesday, 1 March 2016

SACHAJUAN Guaranteed Hairdressers Hair at Home.

Hey friend!

I literally couldn't be more exciting to bring you this post! I am forever on the search for good hair products. Too many times have companies let products go out that make your hair greasy or dry or heavy when promising luscious advert quality locks. I cannot stand it. You buy something new and expect what it says and you end up having to wash your hair twice.

Well I was sent these two little bottles and a can. They're not fancy, they are plain, simple and literally incredible! They are SACHAJUAN. I'd never heard of them before they fell into my hands but now they are literally a must have.

The Shampoo & Conditioner: It is The Intensive Repair Shampoo & Conditioner. So these are for dry, damaged hair, which if I'm frank I have plenty of. I didn't really expect much as I was squeezing this into my hands. It smells beautiful it has a really light citrus scent, not like full on lemon but more lemongrass. It had an almost botanical scent. So on it went, it lathered nicely and very quickly and felt, well, normal. I then rinsed it and my lord, at that point I knew it was something special. It literally felt like I had conditioned my hair, I could run my fingers through it which never happens normally.

I didn't feel like I needed conditioner after that but used it anyway, again it had the light lemongrass scent and slid through my hair like a dream. I left it on for 3-5 minutes and when I rinsed it, it was like rinsing silk. It felt amazing.

I brushed through it wet, without the need of oil or serum. It was such a rare experience for my hair. I left it to air dry, I like to avoid my hair dryer as much as possible. When dry again it brushed through like a dream and felt just amazingly soft. I then straightened it and it even straightened better. It was as if my hair had succumb to the SACHAJUAN!

The Spray: So the spray is the Straight and Shine spray. I was so dubious you wouldn't believe. I immediately thought it would make my hair greasy and I'd have to wash it again. I was so wrong. So so wrong. I spray it onto my hair once straightened and the shine was amazing. It gave my hair texture that it never has straightened. It was straight but not flat and had a visible shine with no grease in sight.

I am so blown away by this. I thought I'd put it to the test again. That evening I went to the house of a smoker, which doesn't normally bother me but my hair didn't get to stay fresh for long. When I got home I had to get rid of the stale smoke smell so I gave it a little spritz with the spray and no joke, it totally deodorised it. No smell, whatsoever. Incredible.

Now don't get me wrong, this stuff is pricey, not Oribe pricey but it is on the higher end. I am not someone who spends a lot on shampoo but I would repurchase this. It's so so good and my hair felt 100 times healthier after using it. Here's the link to take a look for yourself.


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