Sunday, 10 April 2016

Give yourself a Beauty Lift with DHC's new range!

Alright Pickle?

So a couple of weeks ago I was very lucky and I was invited to a very swanky event in London. It was super cool and Japanese! The cocktails were flowing and there was sushi everywhere! Seriously cool, although my palette isn't grown up enough for sushi, I ate lots of Edamame beans. Mmmmm.

Anyway... The reason I was there was for the skincare. You know me, always on a mission for more. Well lucky for us Japan have decided to bring us more than Kawaii and Hello Kitty. May I introduce you to DHC, now you may have heard of them before but essentially DHC are a Japanese beauty brand that have launched into the UK with a beautiful bang! 

They have some serious stats when it comes to the Beauty industry so I wanted to show you Beauty Lift their new range of skincare that offers a whole lot!

I love this range so much and have been rigorously testing it on my chops for the last few weeks. So let me show you the range!

Disclaimer: Now these are anti-aging products so I can't explain to you the full effects that can offer as I'm still a spring chicken, but for anyone around the age of 20+ I do recommend using anti-age as prevention is better than a cure! To read about the anti aging effects click here to read The Lavender Barn's perspective.

Beauty Lift Cream Moisturiser...
This moisturiser is one of the most hydrating I have EVER used. I have insanely dry skin on my nose and this sorted it with ease! My skin felt so nourished and noticeably brighter.

Beauty Lift Lotion...
This incredible toner is a total must have. As a stage one moisturiser and toner this Lotion gave my skin a noticeable lift and left it feeling super soft.

Beauty Lift Essence...
This serum is beautiful, lightly fragranced it again is really hydrating and feels light on the skin. It absorbs really well without leaving a sticky residue.

Beauty Lift Milk...
The Beauty Lift Milk is another moisturiser but it's incredibly light so great for day time wear. I often use this under my makeup and it gives my skin a great finish and barrier to apply foundation onto.

The Sciency Bit...
The entire range has Mevalonolactone which helps hold onto hydration, Pentapeptide-18 which improves elasticity and help minimize expression lines, Ceramide-3 which promotes barrier strength and Oat Kernel Extract which creates a lifting veil of moisture.

All in all it's a fabulous range which has left my skin more moisturised than it has ever felt before. I really would recommend to everyone! 

Grab some for yourself here... 


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