Friday, 29 April 2016

My Must Know Summer Style Tips!

Hello my sun soaking friend,

Summer is coming and there is no time like the present to update your summer wardrobe. It sounds so easy but in my opinion there are some tried and tested tips to keep you looking and feeling your breezy best. Follow these few tips and I assure you will be rocking summer '16 at your finest!

1. Keep it loose!
Anything tight and clingy will make you feel sticky and flustered. Although that cami seems like a good idea now, the tightness will have the last laugh. Go for loose, breezy fitting pieces that not only let the cool air in but will set that sweaty heat free!
Left to right: £27.50, £19, £29 All JD Williams

2. Go natural!
Natural fabrics not only feel fresher on a hot day they will actually keep you fresher for longer. Synthetic fabrics can actually make you sweat more and keep that nastiness trapped for longer. Opt instead for cotton or linen which isn't only breathable but will make any sweat dry quicker.
100% Cotton Dresses. Left to right: £35, £30, £35 All JD Williams.

3. Embellish clothes not your body!
Don't become a sticky entangled mess this year by dropping the jewellery. Contrary to popular swimwear ads all those jewels will increase the temp! Not only will they stick to your skin, the metal elements will heat up and make you do so as well. Also avoid covering your wrists with bracelets, as your wrists are a major cooling point on your body!
Left to right: £75, £120, £165 All JD Williams.

4. Throw shade!
Don't be afraid to cover up in summer. Not only will direct sunlight heat you up, it can damage your skin as well. Try coupling sleeves with some cooling accessories like hats and scarves for your shoulders (on the days you really couldn't resist going strappy!)
Left to right: £35, £50, £52 All JD Williams

5. Lighten up!
This is a tip that could save your life! Wearing light colours reflects light and keeps you so much cooler, whereas those dark colours absorb all the heat onto you. Now we can't have that can we?
Left to right: £30, £45, £47 All JD Williams

So there you have it my lovely ladies, some simple tricks to stay cool and fresh all summer long. Have any tips of your own? Share them in the comments below! X

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