Friday, 29 April 2016

Swarovski Filled Makeup Brushes!

Hey you!

So I don't know about you but I am one of those people who collects makeup, I'm proud of my makeup and I love seeing it. Unfortunately some packaging can be best hidden in my bureau then on display. Until I came across these brushes, possibly the MOST beautiful brushes I have ever seen.

Filled to the brim with genuine Swarovski crystals that glisten almost as much as my eye's when I look at them! Not only are these brushes beautiful but they are good, a combination seldom found nowadays. The bristles are soft and supple and there is absolutely no fall out.

When I was tested them, they packed on so much more product than some of my other brushes and the pay off in using them was phenomenal! Despite their appearance, they are not delicate. They are hardy, solid, well made brushes that make you feel so special when you use them.

Washing these brushes is a dream. Due to the soft bristles with a little bit of brush cleaner, any excess product just slides away and they are left looking brand spanking new.

Unfortunately at this time, these brushes aren't available in the UK but don't fear. The website is under construction and should be finished soon so here's the link for your diary and if you really feel you cannot wait, email Thomas he may be able to ship some to you earlier

If by any distant chance you will be going to Austria anytime soon, they are available at Swarovski Austria in Crystalworld, Innsbruck and Vienna. I would highly recommend getting them and early if you can because I think these are going to sell out the second they hit the UK!

What are the most beautiful makeup products you own? Share in the comments below! X

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