Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Easy Gel Nails At Home

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Today I wanted to introduce you to a system that can make your strong glossy nail dreams come true. Let me start off by saying that my nails are awful. I bite them, I have hangnails, I think it's a nervous thing anyway, I have dabbled in attempting to make my gnawed stubs look Instagram chic and on more than one occasion I have failed. I've tried nail art, cuticle oils galore, I have the kit and caboodle but not the time nor the patience.

Luckily I was sent a teeny tiny little kit in the mail from United BeautyThe Gel Touch Mini Kit. I must have been wearing my pessimistic hat that day as my thoughts were "this won't make MY nails look nice, no way". I thought I'll give it a go and what's the worst that can happen. So I did.
The box is small and compact. It's perfect for taking with you on holiday or round a friends house when you're all getting ready together. Inside there is a small UV light that is powered by USB, some cleansing wipes and a topcoat, oh and instructions.
Wait, no colour? Oh no no, no colour at all BECAUSE this works with ANY nail polish you have already. YAAAHS! No need to curate a whole new collection, you can use all your favourite colours still.

As you can tell, I'm becoming more optimistic. So step one was to paint my nails with my normal varnish and leave to dry for 20-30 minutes. Done and done. Then apply the top coat and cure each nail under the light for 60 seconds. No timers needed as the light shuts off when time is up. Amazing. I did two lots of top coat for a stronger hold. Final step is to wipe off the sticky residue with a cleansing wipe. My only issue is it only came with two so you will need to buy more. But hey presto you are done. But wait, there's more! (sorry) When you're bored of the colour or it's time for a new look, you can peel this stuff off. It's incredible.
I was so pleased with the result of this polish, my nails usually chip straight away from housework etc and so far so good. It claims to last up to 10 days and it's day 6 for me and still going strong. The final look is stong, seriously glossy, beautiful nails. They look salon done and I can still use my favourite red polish.

The price of the kit is super reasonable at £24.99 and is worth every penny. You can buy it direct from United Beauty here. You'd be a fool not to! xx


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