Wednesday, 13 July 2016

How To Remove Puffiness From Your Eyes With DHC Rich Eye Zone Treatment.

Aloha Pickle,

I have to say, what a week! It has been non stop back and forth to the city this week, I love being busy but I must admit, the tiredness caught up with me. Friday night was a prosecco laden event and after the two hour travel home I realised I looked a state! My eyes needed help.

I was sent this pack in my blogger mail and hadn't got round to trying it out so I thought this was the perfect excuse. The DHC Eye Zone Treatment came in a cute sealed pouch and inside a little container with the eye masks keeping fresh inside. I whipped them out and popped them on my eyes. Instantly they were cooling and the cream mask felt rich and intense.

I decided to lay back with a cuppa and let them do their work. They claim to have a visible effect on fine lines but I have to say I'm not the best judge on anything anti-ageing so you'll have to go to my mums blog for that (TheLavenderBarn) and that they will calm puffiness and increase elasticity. I took them off after 10 minutes, rubbed in the remaining cream and fell asleep. Oops.

When I woke up though I looked (although didn't feel!) so refreshed! There were no signs of redness or soreness from my eyes and you would never know I had a heavy one the night before.

So personally, I love these. They keep you looking fresh faced and are perfect after a large night on the town, I also think they'd do pretty well if you've had a bit of a cry (we all do it) or a bad hayfever day.

You can grab a pack from DHC - here. They come in a pack with 6 applications so should last a while.

What are your tricks for puffy eyes? xx


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