Thursday, 4 August 2016

Beautiful Roses Delivered to Your Door from OK Bouquet

 Hello my Femme de Fleurs!

I have to say, I felt like the most special girl in the world this week. After a knock on my door I opened to an incredibly large box. Little did I know, it contained 12 of the most stunning roses I have ever seen.

I must have got my flower obsession from my mum who insisted on a bunch in the house all the time but never in my life have I seen a bouquet quite like this one. Filled with gypsophela and the most romantic blush pink avalanche roses, I was in heaven.

The rose heads are so large that I didn't have a vase that would fit them all, which now means I have two vases of these gorgeous roses in my living room.

When I received the parcel from OK Bouquet I assumed they would have cost hundreds, I mean this is a luxury bunch of flowers right? Well curiosity killed the cat so I looked on the website, one dozen avalanche roses for £35. This is mad.

They don't just have roses either, they create the most stunning bouquets with seasonal flowers and amazing complementing colours and textures. The flowers come so well packaged and safe, there is no way you will get anything from perfection.

I have already hinted at my other half that this is what I now expect for every occasion, if you want to do the same or just have a look and lust over them go over to OK Bouquet-here.

What's the most beautiful bunch of flowers you've ever had? And what's your favourite flower? Let me know in the comments below xx


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