Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Sonic Chic Urban, The Only Toothbrush You Need!

Hello Gorgeous,

As we all know already electric toothbrushes are better for you than manual. Dentists have said it, it's a fact. There is such a wide variety of brushes now that really, I don't know where to start when looking for one. They can range from £10 to over £100. Some are too clunky, some are too small, some are downright ugly (I know it's only a toothbrush but I like cute things!) It really can be a minefield, just to keep your teeth clean?

Last week I was sent this gorgeous piece of kit which I believe is the only toothbrush you need.

This is the Sonic Chic Urban electric toothbrush. It is so damn cute that shoving it in my mouth feels like a crime! Haha. But really it is so pretty and comes in a huge variety of designs to match your preference.

The toothbrush is absolutely perfect for travelling and will be coming with me wherever I go. It is small enough to go in a handbag or even in your clutch if you think you might get lucky on a night out! It had a safety cap on it that protects any part that may come in contact with your mouth. What I really like about this toothbrush is that it's battery powered with removable AAA batteries. Which is great because you don't have to take another charger away on holiday with you.

The power of the brush is, in my opinion, really good for it's size. It works at 22,000 strokes per minute so you're guaranteed a good clean. When I first used it I was surprised at how smooth it had made the surface of my teeth especially for the price.

Sonic Chic are very generous when it comes to what they put in the box. Not only do you get the brush unit (the motor and the cap) they also supply two brush heads so you have a spare or one for your partner. It comes with the AAA battery you need to get started (praise to this company for that!) and an instruction leaflet. 

You can also buy replacement heads for the Sonic Chic which are far cheaper than alternative brands I've seen. I would highly recommend this brush, it's so cute, so portable, gives a good clean and is a fabulous price.

The Sonic Chic is currently on sale at Boots-here. Usually £20 now £10.


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