Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Manchester Terror Attack 22/05/2017. We Stand United.

Isis. An extremist terrorist group, fighting for their Muslim ideals. 

No one should be targeted for their religion. Religion is a choice, possibly made for you at birth or adopted after your own life experiences. 

Those who are religious do not feel it is a choice or an option but see it as a calling. 

In the UK we have rallied to keep muslims safe. To not tar everyone under the same religious umbrella with the same brush. As a member of the United Kingdom I fully agree with this. We should not allow our Muslim community to fear for their own safety. 

The Muslim religion has nothing to do with extremist values. An extremist is defined as 'a person who holds extreme political or religious views, especially one who advocates illegal, violent, or other extreme action.'

A Christian can be an extremist, a Buddhist can be an extremist. Extremist does not mean Muslim. 

Despite our respect towards the Muslim community in our country. Despite us encouraging the safe practise of the same religion that Isis is fighting for, we are still a target. 

Historically the United Kingdom and many western countries are known as Christian countries. This thinking is archaic. We are a multitude of nationalities and races and religions and we should never be targeted for who we are as individuals or who we make up in a community. 

Isis attack vulnerable, innocent lives. Isis attack a nation that is rich in patriotism. Isis are trying to break a country which at its heart is strength and courage. 

Children have no choice, teenagers have no choice. 

This week we have seen the lowest form of cowardice we will see from this terrorist group. To take the lives of innocent young people who haven't even had the opportunity to form their own minds or forge their own ideals is quite frankly pathetic. 

We have armies. Strong, willing, adults who are more than prepared to take on Isis. Instead they choose to attack a group of people who are innocent and unequipped. 

They are scum. They are the scrapings in the barrel of humanity. They are not martyrs. They are a plague on each and every society they touch. 

But equally, they are powerless. 

They are powerless to the hope and courage and community WE possess. WE are the strength, WE are the fighters and the only way we can show their lack of affect is solitude. 

As a nation we must stand together. We will stand with our people regardless of gender, race, orientation, religion, abilities. We are one and we will not let them win. 

My thoughts go out to all those affected by the attacks. My thoughts go to the lives that were lost. My heart goes to the lives of the children that were not lived. My heart goes out to Manchester. 


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