Monday, 11 September 2017

Finding Motivation to Make Life Easier!

Hi all,

It's been a long time not posting but my god has a lot gone down! I wanted to write this post as maybe tips or inspiration for other people that are finding themselves in a unmotivated place.

I find motivation usually sparks at the most inconvenient of times for me. Usually when I'm in bed and about to fall asleep. Tons of motivation to do housework or exercise or organising will pop into my head at 12.58am with work at 8.30am the next morning. Useful right?

I have found a few little things to do which help you gather speed in terms of motivation and getting things under control a little.

First and foremost in every aspect, I recommend taking things at your own pace. Don't throw too much on yourself at once and feel like a failure when you can't do it all. Instead introduce different tasks here and there so they form part of your routine and you don't feel burdened.

Prepare for your day the night before. Not only does organising yourself in the evening settle the bug of motivation before you sleep but it allows you a calmer morning. So by organising yourself I mean do things like, set out your outfit for the next day, fill up your drinks bottle and put it in the fridge, organise your bag. Even things like straightening the pillows on the sofa and putting the recycling out can make the next day feel more positive.

The end of the work day isn't the end of the day! We are all guilty of thinking, only an hour left, i'm going to relax a bit. By doing this you're putting your brain into wind down mode which is only going to make you feel sluggish for going home. Instead of doing that, have your cheeky little lazy moment at 3 o clock, grab a cup of coffee and look at your phone for a bit. Try to have work to do until the work day ends. This way, you'll be alert and ready to continue when you get home.

After work, do not sit down! When you get in, the worst thing you can do is dump your bag and throw yourself on the sofa. So often I have done this and I end up staying there all night. Not good. Instead try taking your bag straight into the kitchen, empty any rubbish and wash up your lunch box. You may as well do the rest of the washing up while you're there. You might even find yourself putting a wash on or grabbing the hoover out. Awesome.

Finally, in your free time, do something you love. Don't just let your hours merge into one another sat staring at the TV. I've recently rediscovered my passion for reading, three books this month I'll have you know. If I'm not doing that I'll be making things from polymer clay, so much so I've opened my own etsy shop to sell those things! Fill your time with things you enjoy doing and you'll find that time becomes a joy not just boredom.

What little things do you do to motivate yourself? I'd love to hear them in the comments below. xx


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