Friday, 17 April 2020

Dry skin, Acne, Blackheads. Alpha-H

So okay, it’s been a long long time, I might write an update as to why. I might not.

We are now in 2020 and my Christ has it been a year thus far. I am currently in quarantine in the UK as are many across the globe thanks to COVID-19. I really hope y’all are staying safe and sensible, wherever you are.

Due to this global pandemic and no reason to leave my little flat, I’ve not been wearing foundation, which made me think; ‘what a banging time to try and fix my persistent pizza face’.
I was told by a doctor I had adult acne at the age of 23, cheers Doc. Since then I’ve tried loads of high street products and some gnarly ass cream I was prescribed.

Nothing really solved all my issues, either it was drying me out more, making me too greasy, not fixing the spots, giving me more blackheads. Nightmare. I tend to have a couple of angry spots at all times, a nose full of blackheads and severely flaky skin on my nose which makes my confidence plummet. Safe to say, I’m a catch.

So, it wasn’t until I was doing a bit of Googling that Alpha-H Liquid Gold really hit my radar. I know my mum had used it and I’d had some Alpha-H products in the past but not this one. In all honesty, I thought it was anti-ageing and although I should pay attention to my skin ageing, I often don’t. I’m a lazy girl.

Anyway, I hit up mum and she gave me enough to do a couple of go’s. Umm why did I not use this sooner?? I applied it to cleansed skin at night and used nothing else over, as stated on the bottle. The next day I had ZERO flaky skin on my nose. I could have cried. It’s been such an issue for so long!

My skin instantly felt smoother, less of those gritty under skin bumps. I’ve continued to use it about 3 times a week for two weeks and the change in my skin is phenomenal. My spots are drying out, my blackheads are going, I have no flaky skin and I feel like my skin is being given a second chance.

I will say, after the first week I did have more spots BUT it has bought everything up to the surface and got rid of it. If you’ve got stuff trapped in your pores or under the surface, it won’t just disappear.

So, okay, it’s not cheap but it works. The amount of money I have spent on dud products would have bought me at least five bottles of this stuff, and you only need enough to coat a cotton pad.

Seriously, if you have the same issues I’ve described, try Liquid Gold. It’s a game changer.

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